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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Food and Foodie at The San Diego County Fair

This foodie recently spent the day at the San Diego County Fair (I was lucky enough to get a "Best Pass Ever"..a kind of season pass for the fair as a present) and I plan on spending many more.
As a foodie I was not that interested in the ride or the nick-nack vendors. What I wanted was the food!! And food I got.

My day started with a Cinnamon Roll with Frosting and Nuts, from Old West Cinnamon Rolls. This one was a super easy was the first booth I hit when I got in the gate. This was good, super sweet and I think I may have developed diabetes after the third bite.

Followed that up with a pulled pork sandwich…looked better than it tasted.

Grilled Artichokes...that is at least what they said it was. But it had no "grill" flavor. As for the sides; there was this stuff they called butter and mayonnaise. The mayonnaise was a good place for me to start; I found the toppings table and add parmesan cheese, garlic salt seasoning and hot sauce. Would not have been able to eat it without making my changes.

Hands down the best new addition to the fair is PINK'S HOT DOG

May I suggest you order the Martha Stewart Dog ...relish, onions, bacon, chopped tomatoes, sauerkraut & sour cream
This was the best thing I ate all day!!!!

We all know that the fair is all about fried food. My adventure started with Fried Fogs Legs, they where ok. The fries where aweful!

For the finally, Fried Girl Scout Cookie (thin mints to be exact). Interesting. I love thinn mints and I think I would still love them any way they where served. Even in crumy batter and fried in dirty oil.

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