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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Soltan Banoo~ Restraunt Review (it rhymes!)

When you work with a vegetarian you often find yourself with an interesting challenge; finding places where the menu satisfies you both!

American cuisine tends to be meat centric so when dining with people whose diets differ (vegan, vegetarian, and so many more) from mine, I think the best bet is to try ethnic restaurants as they often offer a variety of selections which appeal to varying tastes and diets.

Soltan Banoo, a charming Persian restaurant in the University Heights area, was my choice for a recent business luncheon. The restaurant has a cozy, inviting atmosphere and offers numerous vegetarian and vegan options on its exotic menu.

Our meal began with the Pomegranate Soup (a hearty lentil style soup with beans, wheat, spinach, and herbs cooked with pomegranate juice, served with pita bread). This wonderful medley of legumes made the soup familiar while the use of pomegranates added a wonderful flavor that was both slightly sweet while being very savory.

Following our soup appetizer, we tried their Potato Pancakes with quinoa and served with a yogurt dipping sauce.

I found the pancakes, though nice and crispy on the outside, lacked a bit of flavor. Luckily their great texture and “light as air” taste were well complimented by the wonderful dipping sauce.

As an entree I had the Koubideh Kabob (seasoned ground beef, marinated with Persian spices, wrapped around skewers and grilled on open-flame) served with Basmati rice. This too was not as flavorful as I would have liked but had great texture and with a little sprinkling of Sumac they turned out very nice.

The restaurant scored highly with my vegetarian friend as she ordered the Veggie Kabob (marinated tofu, mushrooms & veggies) served with brown rice and Shirazi Salad. With a large portion size and full of flavor, she was extremely satisfied.

My vegetarian friend loved the food. She and I both noted that the restaurant had numerous vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. She loved all the vegetarian options on the menu.

I am hoping they just had a bad day when it came to the seasoning on a few dishes, because with such an amazing atmosphere and selection, I’m very eager to go back and try a few of the daily specials.

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