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Friday, May 28, 2010

My “essential” tools

In cooking classes I bring several “essential” tools with me, tools that I just could not cook without and I wanted to share them with you.

First is the Messermister serrated vegetable peeler

This peeler allows you to peel the skin off of peach, tomatoes and mango with ease. While at the same time it never dulls, helping you to peel those holiday mash potatoes with ease.

Global Chef Knife

A good quality chef’s knife will change your world. The ease and joy it can add to bring to your life (not to mention your food)

Microplane zest

At first it was just a handy tool for making super fine citrus zest. But as time has gone on it is a tool I never knew I needed but cannot live without. From grating my favorite cheese to making quick work of minced garlic or to create chocolate pieces to dust the top of my Tiramisu. It is my bff!

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